New Orleans Scottish Rite History & Research Symposium

Celebrating 200 years of High Grade AASR in New Orleans

Call for Papers

Call for Papers – Procedure for submitting a Proposal

Papers to be considered for presentation at the conference will be subject to a review process. Proposals for papers will be submitted to an independent academic board.   When a proposal has been reviewed, the author(s) will be notified if the full paper is desired or if the proposal does not meet our present needs.

The closing dates for the submission of proposals is May 1, 2011. Please remember that this is the closing date for proposals for papers, not the submission of full papers.

Suggestion for a paper should preferably be submitted by email in either word or .pdf format.

• Submissions must contain:
• Author’s name, Masonic jurisdiction, postal and email addresses, telephone number
• Co-author’s names, if applicable
• Title of paper
• 300 word abstract of each paper

Please email proposals to:

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